There is a consultant team in place that will facilitate the process, working closely with Arts Commission staff. 

There are two phases to the initiative. 

Phase One 

  • Phase one is the development of a plan that outlines the logistics of how the Arts Commission can best implement the motion, followed by the assembling of the advisory committee. 

  • Phase one culminates with a report to the Board of Supervisors in March 2016 that will detail the logistics, budget and implementation process. At that time, a more concrete timeline and a complete list of the confirmed advisory committee will be available.

Phase Two 

  • Phase two will be a large, inclusive public process that consists of a survey and an online portal for submission of feedback, town halls held throughout the county and smaller working groups that will design strategies and tactics to increase diversity in the five focus areas. 

  • Phase two is expected to take six months and begin in spring 2016. 

    In the fall of 2016, the Arts Commission will submit a report back to the Board of Supervisors with actionable recommendations for the County and the field-at-large. 


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