Diversity, cultural equity and inclusion—within arts and culture and within society in general—are very much part of the national conversation. The page contains links to several resources that provide information and additional perspectives about these issues.

Research and other writing related to the impact of arts education

The Arts and Early Childhood Development

“Child Development and Arts Education: A Review of Current Research and Best Practices”
Prepared by the College Board for the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards January, 2012

“The Patterns of Music: Young Children Learning Mathematics through Beat, Rhythm, and Melody”
By: Kamile Geist, Eugene A. Geist, and Kathleen Kuznik

“Beyond Twinkle, Twinkle: Using Music with Infants and Toddlers”
By: Rebecca Parlakian with Claire Lerner

Literacy and Early Childhood Development

“The Joy and Power of Reading: A Summary of Research and Expert Opinion”

“Learning to Read and Write: Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Young Children: A joint position statement of the International Reading Association and the National Association for the Education of Young Children”

“Early Literacy: Policy and Practice in the Preschool Years”
By: Dorothy Strickland, Shannon Riley-Ayers

Even more research on the impact of arts education can be found by searching at ArtsEdSearch:


Additional Articles and News:

Artists forge way in confronting, healing social problems

Detroit Free Press, Rip Rapson, July 16, 2016

Diversity Questions Raised About Nascent ‘Prince of Egypt’ Musical

Dede Wilsey leaving top museums job amid strife over payout

SF Chronicle By Matier & Ross  July 24, 2016  

Art and Complicity: How the Fight Against Gentrification in Boyle Heights Questions the Role of Artists
KCET by Carribean Fragoza, July 20, 2016

What My Bike Has Taught Me About White Privilege

EDITORIAL: What I Said When My White Friend Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege

What the American ghetto reveals about the ethics and economics of changing neighborhoods.
New Yorker JULY 11 & 18, 2016 ISSUE, By Kelefa Sanneh

Why Diversity Programs Fail
Harvard Business Review, JULY–AUGUST 2016 by Frank DobbinAlexandra Kalev

Exclusive: NYC Offering $2 Million to Promote Diversity in Theatre Management
Playbill, BY ROBERT VIAGAS, MAR 16, 2016

Study shows lack of opportunity for disabled actors
LA Times, By Tre'vell Anderson, July 18, 2016

Who’s in Charge at the Brooklyn Museum? It Could Be You

Boyle Heights Activist Blame Arts for Gentrification

Articles in the library of the Grantmakers in the Arts’ publication, The Reader: The archive includes articles and summaries from many meetings and discussions from around the country on the topic.

Effecting Change; Disability, Culture and Art’
Paper presented at the Finding the Spotlight Conference, Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts (28th –31st May 2003)
by Colin Barnes, Professor of Disability Studies, University of Leeds 

 LA Phil’s own 29 year-old violinist, Viijay Gupta, created a nonprofit a few years ago called Street Symphony that performs on Skid Row and in LA Jails.   

Pulse Report: A Summary of Why Are the Arts So White?: A Think Tank on Racial Equity in the Arts
Portland Emerging Arts Leaders, Wednesday, March 30, 2016, 6pm | Portland Playhouse

Audience attendance, Why Don't They Come, Createquity

Gender inequality in theatre

If equity is not equality, what is it? 

Website of Arts Council of England and Rollout of Diversity:


Video of the speech by the Arts Council of England:


The BBC Commits to 50% Gender casting by 2020


Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) Diversity Policy

Also includes a Values Statement and audience Development Manifesto


A Noise Within (in LA County) Diversity Policy


51% Plan for the American Theatre

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